Welcome to the website of Coleman-Rayner, a leading news and photo agency based in Los Angeles.


Founded in 2009, the Coleman-Rayner news and picture agency was launched by two British journalists with considerable experience of working in the US.         Mark Coleman and Jeff Rayner and their hand-picked team have since established a formidable reputation as the agency people trust. Staff pride themselves on their professionalism coupled with a personal approach, as well as compassion and empathy when handling delicate stories and demanding situations.


Clients can rely on Coleman-Rayner to relay the facts accurately and to shoot the very best images – and to know the right publications to print them and pay the right price.  They can swing into action fast and when needed dispatch reporters and photographers to a news scene at short notice. The agency is reliable, discreet and businesslike. Photo and copy approval is willingly granted when required and our super-efficient accounts team ensures that bills are paid promptly.


The agency specialises in celebrity stories and photo shoots but also covers hard news events and in-depth features throughout the US. We are proud to have broken a number of exclusives that have been published all over the world. Scroll through the ‘Latest Work’ section for a glimpse of some of our exclusives that have made headline news in recent months.


Coleman-Rayner is based in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, but our reporters and photographers travel throughout the United States and even further afield in pursuit of the top stories and pictures.